Millennials On Mars

We have a poem here, it’s called Millennials on Mars.  And uh, it was inspired…it was inspired by, some millennials on mars. So I wanna give credit where credit is due…. A bat done spread a virus called sars,And millennials are on mars,The vaccine left a billion scars,Millennials on mars, I can’t afford a self-drivingContinue reading “Millennials On Mars”

Moral History – Part 3

Link to Moral History Part 1 Link to Moral History Part 2 Final Thoughts Stories are motivators and perspective-influencers that enable us to behave in certain ways in order to achieve particular goals.  Like the main character in the film Memento, we concoct believable stories that ultimately determine our actions, irrespective of what the objectiveContinue reading “Moral History – Part 3”


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