Faraway Castle

29th May 2020 Looking at faraway objects is like looking at images on screens (tele-vision), we stare at them in a way that is unlike how we look upon something that is physically close, like if we were to examine the fingerprints on a glass screen for example. Looking at an image is different fromContinue reading “Faraway Castle”

Implicit Motor Learning – Experimenting with the dual and multi-task method

20.04.18 I am experimenting using the dual task method of implicit learning, but with a task that I am already familiar with.  I am crossing the length of my 15m slackline while looking straight ahead and counting backwards from 50 or more, alternating between three languages: English, French and Finnish in this way – “fifty,Continue reading “Implicit Motor Learning – Experimenting with the dual and multi-task method”

Habits, Depression and The Importance of DIY

18.04.18 What is depression or a depressive episode?  I am starting to believe that the illness and the symptoms are often conflated, and that having such a perspective either leads to acute treatments such as electro shock “therapy”, or prescription drugs that are targeted at changing some fundamental problem with the brain and its chemistry,Continue reading “Habits, Depression and The Importance of DIY”

Implicit Motor Learning – External Focus

Implicit Motor Learning for Sports, Dance, Martial Arts and other Movement Practices For an introduction to implicit motor learning see the following lecture by Professor Rich Masters of the University of Waikato. Implicit motor learning is when we acquire new skills but are unable to create explicit, verbal descriptions, instructions or rules about the movementsContinue reading “Implicit Motor Learning – External Focus”


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