Into Obscurity

01.11.18 Just as some things move from non-obviousness to obviousness as in the case of fashion and trends, so too do things move in the opposite direction – into obscurity. The telephone symbol; the handset found in phone boxes around the world, no longer resembles what we associate with a phone.  As technology changes weContinue reading “Into Obscurity”

Faraway Castle

29th May 2020 Looking at faraway objects is like looking at images on screens (tele-vision), we stare at them in a way that is unlike how we look upon something that is physically close, like if we were to examine the fingerprints on a glass screen for example. Looking at an image is different fromContinue reading “Faraway Castle”

Implicit Motor Learning – Experimenting with the dual and multi-task method

20.04.18 I am experimenting using the dual task method of implicit learning, but with a task that I am already familiar with.  I am crossing the length of my 15m slackline while looking straight ahead and counting backwards from 50 or more, alternating between three languages: English, French and Finnish in this way – “fifty,Continue reading “Implicit Motor Learning – Experimenting with the dual and multi-task method”


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