Bits and Pieces

This first image is of a lumen print that I slowly re-developed in dilute developer and then toned in selenium. I would have preferred a longer initial exposure, and a stronger second second development, but it’s nevertheless intriguing to see how mixing and altering existing processes can yield unique results. I started using a redContinue reading “Bits and Pieces”

CMY Hand-tinting

As another variation in how I am producing prints for this series, I painted an image on film for the purpose of contact printing, and then printed it on semi-matte fibre base paper which is suitable for hand-colouring with watercolour paints. I wasn’t thrilled with the result, but at least I transferred the idea fromContinue reading “CMY Hand-tinting”

Notes on Ways of Seeing

14.02.18 This a response to the video Ways of Seeing by John Berger, which is itself inspired by the essay The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by philosopher Walter Benjamin.   Artwork – images and objects tied to place and general context.  As a familiar smell, feeling or sound might signal andContinue reading “Notes on Ways of Seeing”