Progress In Work

A diary of artistic evolution and record of accountability.

Dark Times

In anticipation of shutting down my darkroom and moving to a new house, I’m trying to make a print every day, mostly focusing on 50x60cm posters, which will later go up on my shop. I already have mapped out where my work is going in terms of content and the techniques involved, so not beingContinue reading “Dark Times”


I’ve been really busy this month juggling many different ideas and projects, most of which I have yet to share, but for now I’ll leave you with these two prints from last week.

Just A Scratch

Recently I made the time to return to one of my early ideas which was to create negatives by removing some sort of black coating (paint, pigmented gelatine) from a film base, by brushing with hot water for example. This time though, I exposed sheets of photographic film to the light and then developed themContinue reading “Just A Scratch”


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