Progress In Work

A diary of artistic evolution and record of accountability.

More Enlargements

Continuing the series of brushstrokes made to be enlarged, I changed the framing so that the image is a black square with a white border, which gives the print a different, tidier feel. There are 576 strokes on each enlargement, each occupying a 5x5mm square on the original.

Sum Of All Parts

Thinking of the (artistic/photographic) process as the subject itself – how different approaches to, and treatments of the subject in the images are perhaps more important than what is actually represented.

CMY Hand-tinting

As another variation in how I am producing prints for this series, I painted an image on film for the purpose of contact printing, and then printed it on semi-matte fibre base paper which is suitable for hand-colouring with watercolour paints. I wasn’t thrilled with the result, but at least I transferred the idea fromContinue reading “CMY Hand-tinting”

Form Follows Function

Here is another example of an enlargement from my series of painting-realistic photographs, made on 50x60cm photographic paper. Each different process throws light on the subject in a new way, and in turn presents with it a branch of exploration that is specific to the process and its parameters. Some things work better small andContinue reading “Form Follows Function”


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