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Rediscovering The Collotype Process – 2 Months On

Here is an update about my findings and working methods after 2 months of working on re-creating a user-friendly version of the collotype process. Highlights Firstly, in order to tackle the problem of not being able to achieve white highlights, I created an unsensitised plate (simply a gelatine and water solution poured onto resin-coated photographicContinue reading “Rediscovering The Collotype Process – 2 Months On”

Defining Standard Recipes For Carbon Transfer Tissue Glop Using Das (Diazidostilbene)

After some time using Das as a sensitiser for the carbon transfer printing process, and now more recently for collotype I thought it might be useful to share my experiences with others, with the idea of eventually producing a complete video tutorial that would allow a complete newcomer to the process to be able toContinue reading “Defining Standard Recipes For Carbon Transfer Tissue Glop Using Das (Diazidostilbene)”


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