On The Verge of Civilisation

My approach to this photographic series like in many others, is one of simplicity, where my aim is to take everyday objects and to present them in a way that forces the viewer to look at them from another perspective – to “make the ordinary seem strange”.

I was first drawn to these hedges because of their regimented and ritual cutting, and because their straight edges seemed like a perfect symbol of man’s imposed order over nature, but as time went on this use of the hedge not just as an ornament, but as a barrier was something that became increasingly apparent as I travelled around on foot, venturing into the perfectly preened suburban wilderness.  It became clear to me that the pruned hedge was just the aesthetic outer shell of an otherwise brutal boundary.

The hedge is an ornamental defence system which is typical of our culture of ownership, territory, and rule enforcement, where separation from the elements, pollution, poverty, suffering, death and chaos, is the ultimate measure of wealth.