Rediscovering The Collotype Process – 2 Months On

Here is an update about my findings and working methods after 2 months of working on re-creating a user-friendly version of the collotype process. Highlights Firstly, in order to tackle the problem of not being able to achieve white highlights, I created an unsensitised plate (simply a gelatine and water solution poured onto resin-coated photographicContinue reading “Rediscovering The Collotype Process – 2 Months On”

Defining Standard Recipes For Carbon Transfer Tissue Glop Using Das (Diazidostilbene)

After some time using Das as a sensitiser for the carbon transfer printing process, and now more recently for collotype I thought it might be useful to share my experiences with others, with the idea of eventually producing a complete video tutorial that would allow a complete newcomer to the process to be able toContinue reading “Defining Standard Recipes For Carbon Transfer Tissue Glop Using Das (Diazidostilbene)”

The Lost Art of the Halftone Screen

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at the cereal box too long, or have walked past a billboard advert at eye level, you may have wondered how, or why it was that the images were made up of tiny dots, that would normally be invisible to the naked eye when viewed from afar. If onContinue reading “The Lost Art of the Halftone Screen”

Just A Scratch

Recently I made the time to return to one of my early ideas which was to create negatives by removing some sort of black coating (paint, pigmented gelatine) from a film base, by brushing with hot water for example. This time though, I exposed sheets of photographic film to the light and then developed themContinue reading “Just A Scratch”

Large Square Format Photography

I recently made some masks for my 13x18cm film holders to allow me to shoot square format for a change. Using an actual camera to make photographs was a nice break from other techniques I’ve been using in my recent work, and I was reminded of how I have always been interested in interacting withContinue reading “Large Square Format Photography”

Something for everyone

I’ve been simultaneously working on multiple ideas and projects, not just in photography but in general, and recently I feel I’ve improved at putting my ideas to the test sooner rather than later. The featured photo above was made by a process that I dreamt, and then shortly afterwards set out to see how myContinue reading “Something for everyone”

Bits and Pieces

This first image is of a lumen print that I slowly re-developed in dilute developer and then toned in selenium. I would have preferred a longer initial exposure, and a stronger second second development, but it’s nevertheless intriguing to see how mixing and altering existing processes can yield unique results. I started using a redContinue reading “Bits and Pieces”