The First Man To Know Nothing

17/05/19 Various historical figures have been cited as the last to know everything, that is, they were sufficiently intelligent to have read and understood the relatively small amount of published books at a time when science was a relatively confined field.  Compared to today, the total sum of knowledge in all academic areas was soContinue reading “The First Man To Know Nothing”

Millennials On Mars

We have a poem here, it’s called Millennials on Mars.  And uh, it was inspired…it was inspired by, some millennials on mars. So I wanna give credit where credit is due…. A bat done spread a virus called sars,And millennials are on mars,The vaccine left a billion scars,Millennials on mars, I can’t afford a self-drivingContinue reading “Millennials On Mars”

Moral History – Part 3

Link to Moral History Part 1 Link to Moral History Part 2 Final Thoughts Stories are motivators and perspective-influencers that enable us to behave in certain ways in order to achieve particular goals.  Like the main character in the film Memento, we concoct believable stories that ultimately determine our actions, irrespective of what the objectiveContinue reading “Moral History – Part 3”

Just A Scratch

Recently I made the time to return to one of my early ideas which was to create negatives by removing some sort of black coating (paint, pigmented gelatine) from a film base, by brushing with hot water for example. This time though, I exposed sheets of photographic film to the light and then developed themContinue reading “Just A Scratch”

Moral History – Part 2

Link to Moral History Part 1 Personal Moral Histories and the Narrative of Photography The moral history of my education is that I only learned moral history at school, and that I did not fit into popular groups or traditional systems.  I learned that I am not part of the group that is catered forContinue reading “Moral History – Part 2”

Large Square Format Photography

I recently made some masks for my 13x18cm film holders to allow me to shoot square format for a change. Using an actual camera to make photographs was a nice break from other techniques I’ve been using in my recent work, and I was reminded of how I have always been interested in interacting withContinue reading “Large Square Format Photography”

Moral History – Part 1

The Tale That Came First or A Time Before Facts The following text sprung from an exploration of the subtle difference between the word “story” (histoire) and “history” (l’histoire) in the French language, and how history with a big ‘H’ becomes history with a little ‘h’ – transitioning from actual to symbolic, from objective toContinue reading “Moral History – Part 1”