Something for everyone

I’ve been simultaneously working on multiple ideas and projects, not just in photography but in general, and recently I feel I’ve improved at putting my ideas to the test sooner rather than later.

The featured photo above was made by a process that I dreamt, and then shortly afterwards set out to see how my expectations met with reality. Although I had problems at the final stage, the overall procedure works as good as, or even better than I had imagined, and I am still somewhat in shock at the whole thing whilst also enamoured with the results. I don’t want to share any details at the moment, but will post more prints as they are made.

My whole experience of how ideas arrive and come into focus, is a constant reminder that just when I feel I have everything planned out, there’s always something new and captivating that seems to appear from nowhere.

2304 brushstrokes. Can you read the hidden message?

This new 24x24cm piece is the original painting on OHP film that I haven’t gotten round to printing yet. There’s a sentence hidden within the lines, and I may give a go at re-painting this piece in 2 separate parts so that the words can be printed on a different layer as another colour, because my original intention wasn’t actually to hide them. Despite the fact that there is a single colour, I like the interplay and simplicity of the lines moving in different directions, and intend to work more with this effect.

I’m currently working on a new video documenting the process of me making (and hopefully successfully printing on) horse manure paper. I originally made my first sheets back in 2016 when I was inspired by the fibres of dry manure, which already resembles paper.

The above sheet has received heavy sizing both front and back, to minimise curling, to help keep the paper together in the water, and finally to receive a carbon transfer print. The result is currently drying, and I will have to make more tests to see how viable the complete process is, but so far things look promising.

I have to make some adjustments here and there, and will use my hydraulic press in order to get flatter, more uniform sheets, as this is critical when transferring the final image from its temporary support to the paper.

Much of my time this month has been dedicated to this particular project, which in itself is comprised of many time-intensive parts, not even to mention the video recording and editing. I plan on releasing the video on the 1st of April, but it all depends on how well all these pieces come together.