The Beginning

Since March 2014 I have been note-taking, idea-recording and stream-of-consciousness-brainstorming in a number of notebooks that I dedicated to this practice.  The existence of these books didn’t however stop me from doing a significant amount of writing on scraps of paper that have now an accumulated thickness of a few inches.  Whether I set out for it to become this way is unclear, but what I have been doing during this time is cultivating a practice of expressing my ideas in all of their forms, which seems to have had the effect of not only giving me more ideas, but more significantly, I think that it has improved my ability to make novel links between disparate domains and subjects.  What I should make clear though, is that I do not try to have ideas, and often actually try to block any potential sources of new information if I think they will impact my current ideas before they are expressed.  This could mean that I want to give my present opinion or take on something before being influenced by someone else’s, or that I simply have too many ideas and do not want to become overloaded, potentially resulting in nothing at all.  Having a book or at least a pen to hand has been instrumental in capturing the interesting things that float around my mind, and in addition, I have been better at holding onto that spontaneous inspiration by writing immediately or as soon as possible so as not to let the ideas escape as they often have the habit of doing if I spend too much time thinking last thing at night in bed.  Some potentially great thoughts still continue to suffer the fate of dissipating into the walls of my head somewhere, as I have the habit of having one person rational arguments (OPRAs) in my mind instead of on the paper.  For this reason I’m currently contemplating a small sound recording device, which in itself will have an effect on what, and how these things are expressed.

I had mixed feelings about creating a blog when I first put up my website as I felt that a time-stamped, chronological series of texts would give the impression that only what is most recent is relevant or interesting etc. In effect I was being overly cautious of potential reader biases, while allowing this to overshadow the positive aspects of regularly publishing and expressing the various things I habitually kept to myself.  The blog format did actually suit the way I feel, which has for a long time been that what I think or say today might not accurately reflect how I thought in the future, and moreover, that expressing, letting go and moving on was a healthy way of living not just as an artist, but as a human being.  In this sense a blog could be read as evidence of personal evolution (change), but only if it is read from the beginning and in its entirety.  In the same way that a film cannot be fully understood if we flick back and forth between channels, so too must the blog be looked at as a whole, instead of as a series of disjointed episodes that it may first appear to be.

When I first began note-taking this is how many of my ideas appeared to me, but as time has gone on I am starting (or perhaps just learning) to see how the connections make up a distinct whole with recurring themes and interests, underlying ideas and values, and greater sense of direction that had not before been apparent.  At around only three and a half years into this process I can only imagine what insights, discoveries, revelations and perspectives my future self may have ten years down the line, let alone forty or so.

So despite having published very little in the way of text/image on my website since its launch, I have nevertheless been very active in creating something, which should hopefully become more apparent with the addition of this log, to anyone with the desire to know.

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